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Our company, based in Püspökladány, deals with cold-pressed oil production.

The base of prodcuts is the seed oil produced by a special cold-pressing technique. They are produced mechanically, providing an additive-free end product in contrast to the more common and cheaper solvent(extraction) process.

The importance of these oils and their widespread health preservation capabilities are just becoming well known.

These oils are the primary sources of essential fatty acids for our body. However, our body cannot produce these, so we need to take it with the right amount of food. The most important ones here are omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely healthy, in contrast to commonly consumed saturated ones. We should mention the high vitamin E content and other vitamin and mineral components found in these oils.

The substances they contain have a strong antioxidant effect, thus preventing the formation of free radicals in our body and helping to fight against malignant cells. We maintain our cardiovascular system and reduce our cholesterol levels. They stimulate brain function and improve vision. The vitamin E content helps the cells to create healthy membranes.

It would not be easy to describe all of the impacts the have on our organisms, as these complex bioactive substances affect us in many ways. However, it is important to know that these are not miracles or medications but are essential parts of a healthy diet and lifestyle that everyone needs. So the essence of cold-pressed oils lies in prevention! With their long-term consumption, we can improve our quality of life and delay the aging process.

Grapoila cosmetics

Our company, Corn Oil Press Ltd., was founded in 2009. Our main activity is producing cold-pressed oils. We produce our oils without any additives or preservatives, through cold pressing, a clean and environmentally friendly technology. During cold pressing, we only use a mechanical process to extract the oils, so that the precious content qualities of the seeds will not be damaged and the unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins will not dissolve, but strengthen our health or nourish our skin.

We find it important to use an environmentally conscious, “zero waste” technology, which means that we put in use all the byproducts generated during the production. We process all parts of the raw material we receive. Our products are mainly used for food, but are also ideal as animal feed as well as for cosmetic purposes.

Two types of by-products are produced during the production of vegetable oils: pellets and mud. Oil mud is a microparticle substance settling in the oil during pressing, which is used as a cosmetic. Different seed oil muds contain a higher concentration of vitamin E than the oil in question, while the microparticle's exfoliating effect makes the seed oil mud truly perfect and completely natural. Such and similar products are not on the market, so this simple idea can be a huge breakthrough in the natural cosmetics market (both as a raw material and as a finished product). Our showcase of the project's product group's body lotion muds:

Sea buckthorn seed oil mud: the sea buckthorn seed mud is a cosmetic product made by cold-extrusion process from the plant seeds. It is a rich source of Vitamin E, high in omega-3, -6, -7, -9 essential fatty acids. Thanks to the beneficial contents, it can be used for any skin problems. This product helps with the skin’s natural regeneration, so it is great for treating burns and skin diseases (eg. eczema, rash). Sea bucthorn seed oil mud can be used as an epithelizing mask, and after a circular massage it can be rinsed with warm wet sponge. You can use it for wrinkled skin surfaces and dry skin areas. It can make the skin soft and flexible. Avoid the application on bleeding wounds.

Pumpkin seed oil mud: Suitable for caring dry skin and scalp. The micro grains in the mud have a scrubbing effect and can therefore be used for massage and cellulite treatment as well.

Grape seed oil mud: Due to its high vitamin E content, grape seed oil mud nurtures and regenerates the skin. It has a scrubbing effect and can therefore be successfully used on cellulitis as well. It is suitable for cosmetic use, either alone or as an additive. It is also a natural exfoliating and skin nourishing additive in natural soaps.

Linseed oil mud: Linseed oil is one of the oils with the most valuable bioactive substances. Due to its very high Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E content it can not only exert its beneficial effects if absorbed through the intestinal tract but also when directly applied to skin surface, it can reassure the irritated skin. Due to the exfoliating effect of the microparticles in the mud, it can also be used as a massage cream. When used as a face pack, it exerts its firming and regenerating effect and its beta carotene content provides a healthy tan as well.


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